Bee Studios is a full-service residential design firm.  Our focus is high end Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Interiors. Kitchens and Baths are the most complex rooms in the house and need keen attention to detail and precision of planning to properly execute.  Principal Designer Brooke Eversoll, CMKBD is a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer and will guide you through this process.  From initial artistic visualization and concept all the way through detailed materials specifications, storage and functional planning, and execution of detailed plans to create a space that is functional and an integral part of your home.



Bee Studios is a full-service residential design firm.  Our focus is high end and tailored Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Interiors.  Our firm is able to assist in all aspects of a project from conception to completion.  We work with Architects, builders, and homeowners. Services include: concept development, selections for interior fixtures and finishes, paint colors, furniture space planning and selections, custom window treatments, styling, and furnishings. Our passion is working on projects from start to finish, so they have a blend of your wishes with the Bee Studios stamp of design.


If needed, after your space is designed and all the materials are selected, our team will produce a detailed set of construction documents.  These are the plans which will be used to clearly show the design intent. These documents incorporate as much detail as possible to reduce oversights and eliminate unnecessary changes in the field. Your builder will appreciate the level of detail in the drawings to make your construction project run more efficiently.


From new construction to renovations, Bee Studios can work directly with Homeowners, Architects, and General Contractors to create customized interiors. Bee Studios has a variety of services available to you for your construction phase.  You can choose how involved you would like the designer to be during the build.  If you don't have a builder, we can make a recommendation.



Getting started


A wish list includes your dream ideas AND a priorities list. The best place to start a wish list is on Houzz or Pinterest (follow links at the bottom of the page for our sites).  A couple thoughts:

-These do not need to be finished images of exactly what your project will look like, that is why you are hiring us, right?  But, you have probably been thinking about this project for a long time, so any guidance you can provide us for your vision is a good start to get us pointed in the right direction.  We are really great at interpreting those fragments in combination with your personality and favorite things along with your homes essence and putting it all together in a cohesive and thought out project.  Images can include layouts you like, color palettes, or specific features you would like to incorporate.

-Your priorities list can be categorized by specific details per room, or by which projects themselves are priorities.  Sometimes it is not feasible (time, money, travel, etc) to do all your projects at one time.  But we can help phase your projects and give you a plan for how to accomplish that.  This will lead to a better use of your money and not having to do things twice.    

Step 2: SURVEY

Upon receiving an email notification to about your interest in a project, we will email you a google survey to complete with a questionnaire about your project.  Budget:  Establishing a clear budget from the beginning will allow the professionals you hire to hit the ground running.  We will need a budget from you prior to being able to design for you.  If you are unsure our team can establish a budget based on your goals.  Final budgets will be determined by materials and complexity of scope.



Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will contact you within 48 hours to setup a 30 min phone call to review.  From there we will determine next steps on the projects based on the fit.


A project is broken into 4 phases:


PHASE #1 Design and Planning:  This is where you hire Bee Studios to produce the design.  This phase includes everything from the initial consultation, measure, initial design concept, sketches and renderings, product selections, final design, CAD drawings, and signing materials contracts.  This takes minimum 8 weeks and up to 16 weeks for more complicated projects, and can vary by client's availability and travel.


PHASE #2 Permitting and Pre-Construction: This phase is for Bee Studios to procure all your finish materials.  Your builder will be working on obtaining permits and setting the construction schedule.  Average time 8-10 weeks, can vary depending on materials and municipalities.


PHASE #3 Construction:  Your builder will be able to provide a better idea of your project time frame, but here are some averages in our experience:  average kitchen remodel 8-12 weeks; average Guest Bathroom remodel 6-8 weeks;  average Master Bathroom remodel 8-12 weeks.


PHASE #4 Furniture and Styling:  This is the exciting time when construction is complete and all the final touches are brought in to transform your house into a home. Art, accessories, and decor items complete the look.

Here are some renderings from some of Bee Studios' projects:

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